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To provide our clients with the best possible solutions when working with and modifying concrete structures.


CRLS is a specialist provider catering to the building and construction industry with a tailored range of services including concrete scanning (often referred to as concrete x-ray), coring, cutting and aerial drone inspections and mapping. We are committed to providing the highest quality, cost-effective service to all our clients and dedicated to running safe and compliant operations.


CRLS uses ground and concrete penetrating radar (GPR) systems to produce meaningful data about the location and size of building components, power and other services. Developed by the world’s leading manufacturer and with the capability of multi-antenna scanning, our concrete scanning equipment is considered vastly superior to any other brand on the market today.

Our trained technicians are highly experienced and have a thorough understanding of construction methods and requirements. They have also received rigorous and ongoing manufacturer backed training, which means that they have a full understanding of the capabilities of our equipment and can perform a quick and accurate service, saving your project time and money.

CRLS specialises in concrete cutting and coring for all thicknesses of slabs and walls. We have an extensive range of core sizes and can cut to a depth of 400mm using petrol, diesel and electric floor and wall sawing equipment as well as a “Soffcut” saw for greater control over slab cracking on new slabs.

Using  high performance drones, CRLS can map and capture data for your project from the air as well as undertaking building and asset inspections in a safe and efficient manner. Our aircrafts are capable of flying in sub-zero temperatures and wet weather. This allows us to fly in a wide range of environments and challenging weather conditions. We are always looking at advances in technology and incorporating into our services where possible. Our pilots are fully certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) with a Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC), Remote Pilot Licences (RePL) and AROC qualified. Holding a ReOC allows us to fly in controlled  airspace with the relevant authorisations from CASA. Authorisations can take up to 28 working days (fees apply). We fully comply with the requirements in Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR Part 101). 


  • Location and marking of reinforcement.

  • Scanning of concrete slabs to measure floor and wall thickness.

  • Detection and locating of concrete imperfections such as cracks, voids and other inconsistencies.

  • Void or delamination detection.

  • Imaging and detection of power cables and conduit.

  • Precise location of exit points for cutting and core holing.

  • Detection of depth and location of underground essential services, eg, water, storm water and sewer pipes (including PVC, terracotta and metallic), telephone and electrical cables, gas mains and tree roots.

  • Location of changes in subsurface density, eg, the bedrock horizon, underground objects and other engineering applications such as underground tanks.

  • Cutting and coring of various concrete thicknesses and sizes.

  • Aerial drone mapping and data inspections.

  • Aerial Building and Asset inspections.



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